About Us

About Us


Our team consists of car experts that have all more than 20 years of technical experience with sports cars. We have worked on numerous cars in our life for performance tuning, modifications and repair.

We also called a large number of great cars our own. Amongst are: Chevrolet Corvettes C3, C5, C6, Porsche 911 996, G Model, SC, Nissan 350Z, Honda S2000, '69 Ford Mustang and many others.

We are convinced that this long expertise should be used to help our customers find exactly the right car and provide consulting to avoid costly mistakes.


Pohl Automobile Car Brokers
Owner: Daniel Pohl
Haarstrasse 11
63762 Grossostheim

Phone: +49 6026/9494238
Email: info@pohl-automobile.de

USt. Nr: 008 857 00510
VAT-ID: DE 226 511 573



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