Why choose a car broker?

Where to search?!

You want one special car model. At your local dealer it is not available with the options you need. Buying from private? Is that a good idea? Is it actually a better idea to buy from a dealer instead?? We know all online portals in Europe and USA. We have partner brokers we can trust. And our long experience lets us identify black sheep.

Negotiation and buying

We are experienced in finding issues on a used car and will use them for negotiation to get the cheapest possible price for you. And we help you will all your questions: How does a valid and good sales contract look? Is it safe to carry cash with me? How do I transfer money to the USA? What will be the customs fee? ...

Transport and Shipping

How to get the desired car from where it is now to your place? There are a whole lot of transport companies out there. But who can you trust? We have some partner companies we work together with for years. And we can give you good estimations on how much the transport will cost.

No Risk

As already mentioned above, our service of advertising your cars and handling all the sales calls, is completely free of charge. Only if we sell the car for you, we bill a 3,5% service fee.
You also don't have a risk in terms of payment. The money will be wired beforehand either directly to your account or via an escrow account.


- Years of experience with importing cars
- Large partner network in all European countries and the US
- We find cars that are not shown on consumer market websites
- Assistance in negotiating the price and conditions with the owner
- We recommend a neutral specialist to check the car first (pre purchase inspection)
- Safer payment through trust account possible
- Network of partner transport companies
- Help on actually bringing the car on the road to meet the EU specifications and become an official Oldtimer